BTL Engineering Services has investigated thousands of sinkhole sites throughout the State of Florida over the past 35 years for the presence of sinkhole activity.  Members of our staff have authored numerous technical papers on the investigation, occurrence and treatment of sinkholes.


Our investigations are for insurance companies, homeowners and commercial developers.  We even complete site drilling and investigations for other engineering companies to assist them in determining sinkhole relationship. Using state of the art methods to identify the possible presence of both shallow and deep karst features, our testing procedures follow Florida Statue 627.7072 and our reporting procedures follow Florida Statue 627.7073.  Our in-house testing facilities provide a full service geotechnical laboratory to analyze the soils that we retreive. We are dedicated to providing our clients with accurate data, timely reports, competent staff as well as competitive fees.


We are able to obtain and analyse appropriate site information by investigating all sources of existing information such as aerial and historical mapping, site visits, observation of nearby buildings and land features, etc., develop a understanding of site-specific mechanisms by use of geophysical and drilling techniques. Interpret the data to develop a risk assessment for the site.